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Transfer Bookings Call:

 07850 198 815



GC Airport Transfers Swindon Terms and Conditions.


Our goal is to deliver a high professional standard and make GC Airport Transfers Swindon your primary choice.


How to Book

You can make your bookings by email, at which we aim to respond to within 24hrs, or if you prefer by phone by calling 0044 (0) 7850 198815. To ensure that our service to you is delivered at the highest possible level we have introduced conditions for using this facility that will hopefully eliminate any problems.


Due to the nature of our industry we have introduced a 24 hr email booking window whereby any urgent bookings or, changes to bookings, within 24 hrs of travel must be confirmed by phoned through to the number given above. Details of these bookings can be emailed but we cannot accept any liability for any financial or personal loss resulting in any bookings that are overlooked and not confirmed within this time frame. Any other bookings can be emailed to us at at any time and you will receive a confirmation and summary of the booking details as soon as possible.


We can provide emailed confirmation of quotes, break downs of travel expenses as and when required, together with receipts for travel.  We currently accept cash, cheques, most major credit cards (a 5% charge applies to all credit cards). Corporate Accounts can be arranged but may be subject to strict terms and conditions of use. We reserve the right to suspend or revoke account facilities without prior notice should the agreed terms not be met.



An extra £10 charge for return trips covers the parking charges and the first hour of wait at the airport from flight arrival. We do not charge extra wait time on long haul flights as we use the flight number to track the progress of the flights but short haul flights may incur charges if delayed as we have to dispatch the drivers to make sure they are there to meet the flights. Our current charges for waiting are £15.00 per hour with a minimum of 30 min charged. Any other pickups that you require will be fully quoted and agreed before collection. There will be no charge for cancellations providing there is at least 24 hrs notice however charges may be applied for cancellations within 12 hrs of the agreed pickup/collection time. Cancellations within 3 hrs of the confirmed pickup/collection time will be subject to a charge of up to 75% of the total cost and 'No Shows' will be charged at the full cost.



The most recent addition to our service is complementary 'in car WiFi' which we are adding to all vehicles in our fleet, however while we are extending this across the fleet you are required to confirm this at time of booking if you would like to have this service available in your vehicle.


We look forward to speaking to you and trust that we can provide you with exceptional levels of service in the future.


All major credit and debit cards are accepted:

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For more information contact us via:

GC Airport Transfers Swindon

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To book a transfer call: 07850 198 815

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